2018 highlights


Tiled mosaic of clay work at our Durban workshop on 3 March 2018 thanks to the KwaZulu-Natal cluster.

It’s almost impossible to capture a year in all its diversity. Instead we’ve decided to highlight 12 key moments that shaped our path in 2018, and our journey ahead − from collaborating with the Gauteng Department of Education and running multiple workshops, through to publishing our own booklet. Read about it in our 2018 highlights report.

This work wouldn’t be possible without everyday, almost invisible interactions, conversations and collaborations with you, our members, supporters, friends and colleagues. Thank you!

Here are traces of some of this work: Download the report (1MB PDF)…

IMG_2819 (1)

Participants in the 2018 study tour enjoying aperitifs in Piazza Fontanesi in Reggio Emilia (from left): Karen Crooke, Aaron Scott Frontiera and Brooks Luscher (from American International School Mozambique in Maputo), Luciel Morgan and Nnenna Nwachuku (from Nova Pioneer group), Madri Steyn and Annalizé Blake (from KinderArk, Val de Vie Estate, Paarl), and Brendan Brady (from St Andrew’s Preparatory School in Grahamstown)


Photo from Awhi Whanau in New Zealand, a Reggio Emilia-inspired preschool that Rachel and Phil Bowyer from the KwaZulu-Natal cluster visited during their research-based sabbatical from April to June 2018. Find out more in their report.


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