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Reimagine education: Reggio Emilia inspiration in Africa

reimagine education coverThis 48-page booklet is an invitation to take your teaching practice deeper, a provocation to relook (and maybe even rethink) the organisation of your own classroom or school.

In its pages we unpack the 12 principles of the Reggio Emilia approach in a format that’s easy to read (and hopefully understand). We take a big-picture look at the overarching theory of each principle, give you a sense of how the principle works in practice, and end with suggestions for how you might take inspiration from this principle in your own school or teaching practice.

We also show you what’s possible in local contexts, by sharing images and examples of South African schools and teachers who are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach and working to put it into practice.

Commissioned by the board of the Africa Reggio Emilia Alliance
Editors: Tessa Browne and Des Hugo
Writer: Judith Browne
Designer: Kevin Shelley Davis
Published: October 2018
Pages: 48
ISBN 978-0-620-81744-8

This booklet is available through AREA’s professional development initiatives – our workshops, conferences, study tours and school visits. Contact for more details.

Reimagine Education _ Reggio Emilia inspiration in Africa _ isiZulu cover Reimagine Education _ Reggio Emilia inspiration in Africa _ Sesotho cover isiZulu and Sesotho versions of “Reimagine Education: Reggio Emilia inspiration in Africa” were launched in October 2021.

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  • Reggio Children has made a wealth of audiovisual material available for free on YouTube. Watch their videos.

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