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Reggio Emilia by Nicola since 1972

Photo of Prampolini Square in Reggio Emilia by Nicola since 1972, available via Creative Commons

In-depth study tour to Reggio Emilia, Italy in 2019

Are you an educator who has been working with the main principles of the Reggio Emilia approach in collaboration with colleagues for an extended period of time? Do you have a sustained commitment to furthering your knowledge of the Reggio Emilia educational system? Have you been on the international study tour to Reggio Emilia before, and found you’re now looking for a deeper dive into the approach?

Our Reggio Emilia-inspired friends in the US have offered us a few spots on their in-depth study tour to Reggio Emilia, from 30 March to 6 April 2019. Throughout the study week, participants will be visiting schools, listening to presentations, participating in small group discussions, and exchanging ideas as part of delving deeper into the following topics:

  • Professional development and the underpinnings of pedagogical coordination
  • The role of the teacher, pedagogista and atelierista as a working group
  • Observation and documentation strategies, with opportunities to review and analyse actual documentation with Reggio Emilia educators, making interpretive notes together
  • The atelier as a diffused culture within the schools, the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre, the community and beyond

If you’re interested and would like to be part of the local contingent joining our US counterparts, contact Tessa Browne on 082 852 6424 or

International study tour to Reggio Emilia, 6-13 April 2019

Each year, AREA takes interested people to the city of Reggio Emilia in Italy. These study groups give participants the opportunity to visit the municipal schools and infant-toddler centres in Reggio Emilia, to meet like-minded educators from around the world, and to hear from teachers, pedagogistas, atelieristas, administrators and parents from Reggio Emilia. Topics of discussion and presentation include:

  • The background and history of the Reggio Emilia educational project
  • The hundred languages of children
  • Observation, interpretation and documentation
  • Children as citizens with rights
  • The school as a system of interactions and relationships
  • The environment and the educational space
  • Parents’ involvement in the life of the school

2019 study tour

Join like-minded educators from South Africa and around the world on an international study tour to Reggio Emilia from 6-13 April 2019.

  • For more information on the proposed programmed and outline of costs, download the information brochure
  • If you’re keen and committed to joining this tour, download and complete the application form