Jozi through the eyes of a child

“A town or city is a complex system of relationships intersecting on several levels. Towns grow and change. They are organisms predominantly shaped by the people who live there. Children and young adults are a significant part of a town or city. Yet, more often than not, their impressions and ideas are not given sufficient attention.” – Reggio Padagogik Austria

With this in mind, Reggio educators in Johannesburg facilitated a tour of the city for children between three and six years old with the aim of finding fresh and creative ways to understand “Jozi”.  Children’s impressions were gathered through photos and notes (thoughts, insights and associations) and were then artistically interpreted by them in the forms of poems, drawings, songs and sculptures.

13307210_906447606147510_5638312601915312548_nWe want all children to become researchers and document their experiences of the city with the ultimate aim of being part of solving some of Jozi’s many challenges.

We invite you to join our Facebook group: Jozi through the eyes of the child and engage with our ideas to get inspired to join the movement.

For more information, please contact Lindi Bell

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